Guide for the Driver using the RTPstep Barcode System

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You are issued with a barcode reader, a mains charger and a USB cable to connect them together for charging.
It is recommended you put the barcode reader on charge the night before your run.
When charging the reader will display a red light. When fully charged the light will change to green.
The normal time to charge an empty reader is around 2 to 3 hours.

How to scan a barcode
To scan a barcode you hold the barcode scanner about 4 inches (10cm) from the page and tilt to about 45 Degrees off vertical.( This is in case of a sheen from the laminated route list.)
Aim at the printed barcode. (So the scanner scans across the barcode (see illustration).)
Press the large button on top of the reader and hold down until you hear a beep.
In very bright sunlight conditions try and move you printed sheet into a shadow to help the reader.
You can remove an unwanted barcode by pointing at the barcode and pressing the remove scan button once. See illustration below.

The barcodes you should scan
The inbound and outbound journeys are considered 2 separate journeys.
Before each journey (both inbound and return) you should scan your 4 startup barcodes: Operator , Bus , Driver and Route. These will be on the 1st page of your barcode list as shown below:

(Please do not forget the route barcode !!! )

sample of bar-code list

Passengers The passenger bar codes are route sensitive including the hail and rides (for example Mr. FTP and Ms. FTP.)
So it is important that you use the correct barcode list for the route.
On the 2nd page of your list you will find a list of "hail and ride" passengers.
These are passengers that are unknown. So for example if a new lady passenger boards the bus and has a free travel pass you would scan the Ms FTP barcode. See illustration below:

hail and ride illustration

Known Passengers
Known passengers will be on your barcode list from page 3 onwards. If they have an RTP card you can scan their card directly to register them on this leg of the route.
If they have no card then you can scan their barcode from your laminated list.

It is recommended you scan inbound passengers as they get on the bus; and scan the return passengers as they get off the bus.
This will provide a log of when passengers came into and left RTP care.

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