Entering data on the RTPstep Master Data Sheets

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The master data sheets hold all the details for the RTPstep program / system. It can be opened by double clicking the shortcut icon on your PC Desktop.

The master data sheet has 6 worksheets for data entry. These are: Routes, Operator, Driver, Bus, Monitor, and Passenger.

Each master data worksheet has a list of unused barcodes.

You add the detail beside each available barcode.

There are a few conventions to be aware of when entering data onto the master data sheets:

1.    The number "1" is used to represent "yes".

2.    Leave a blank or type 0 (zero) to represent "no" (This reduces the amount of typing required.)

3.    For FTP (free travel pass) card colour type:
   Blue for "Blue"
   Green for "Green"
   Yellow for "Yellow/Red"

4.    All passenger details are route sensitive.
   So a passenger that uses 2 routes will have 2 barcodes.
   This is also true for the default / unknown passengers.

5.    On the right hand side of the Passenger details there are validation cells.
   Cell AB indicates the entry for a passenger is okay and has passed.

If this comes up as FAIL then a "0" in cells AC, AB, AE or AJ indicate where to look for the error. (For example a passenger marked as male and female would fail the "Gender test" see below.

This validation is to ensure the entry will be okay for the Pobal report.

6.    All default /unknown passengers need to have "hail & ride" in the "Address 1" column. (Shown below.) This is for the Pobal report. See example below.

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